18th Century Murderers of Britain

Crime Chronicles Online gives an account of some of the most notorious murders and murderers of the 18th century in Britain, from their motive to their punishment.

Balfour, Alexander - Murder due to jealous rage

Caddell, George - Murder of his mistress

Cook, Thomas  - Murder of a policeman

Cooke, Arundel - Attempted murder of his father-in-law

Dramatti, John Peter - Murder of his wife

Elby, William - Murder during robbery

Hamilton, Colonel John - Manslaughter following a deadly duel.

Hunter, Reverend Thomas - Child Killer

Johnson and Housden - Murder of a turnkey (prison guard)

Lowther and Keele - Murder of a turnkey (prison guard)

Paleotti, Marquis de - Murder of his servant

John Price - Murder of a Elizabeth White during blotched rape attempt

Thornhill, Richard - Manslaughter following a deadly duel